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Aryana Phytochemistry of Tirazis” (APT) is a company with updated knowledge in the field of medicinal plants and provides extracts, essential oils and work on their standardization.

APT aim is to provide herbal medicines, natural based cosmetics and sanitary products, and particularly the provision of phytochemicals and herbal active ingredients. Herbal, nutraceuticals and natural food preservatives are also our duty to provide.

In this company, we are able to carry out analyzes and consultations on medicinal plants and marine organisms using the experience and technical knowledge of the university professors and experts who have scientific, educational, research and executive backgrounds in the production of plant products.

With the most recent knowledge and technology of the World Day, we are ready to organize specialized workshops and train the technical staff of other companies involved in the analysis of medicinal plants and marine organisms.

Our Vision

Purification of Natural Products on-demand as standards
Production of natural products or phytochemicals for use in food and medicine
Production of natural food additives
Production of antidiabetic natural medicines

Company goals

Consultation on analysis (HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS, NMR) of active substances of plants and terrestrial and marine organisms.
Preparation of extracts and essential oils on a laboratory or semi-industrial scale.
Production and formulation of herbal and natural medicines.

Other Services

Production of pure standard natural compounds.
Production of natural pure compounds for medicinal and nutritional purposes.
Production of natural  food preservative.
Production of anti-diabetes herbal medicine.


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Amir Reza Jassbi
Amir Reza Jassbi
Mentor of the Company
Professor of Phytochemistry at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Simin zamanizadeh
Simin zamanizadeh
Pharmacist, Company Executive Manager

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